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We provide classes in a wide range of genres to ensure confident, well-rounded dancers.



Training in ballet is very important at TMSOD as it gives our dancers a sure foundation and great technique in other styles. Our pupils train under the Royal Academy of Dance syllabus and have the opportunity to complete exams as they move through their training.


Here at TMSOD we offer Acrobatic Arts classes. All of our teachers are qualified in acrobatics to ensure the safety of all dancers. Acrobatics is a great class and helps to build flexibility and strength simultaneously.


Mini Bop

This class is specifically geared towards our younger dancers and is a great starter class for those children who have endless amounts of energy! This class helps to build rhythm and confidence in group settings. 


Pick n Mix

If you're not sure where your child wants to start, Pick n Mix is the class for you! This class is geared towards children 8 yrs or under and is a different genre every week. All dancers are different so this can help your child find which genres they are passionate about. 


This class has leaps, turns and kicks galore! A class filled with high energy music and laughter while also focusing on developing strong jazz technique and flexibility. Our pupils focus on learning a short combination weekly to improve memory and how quickly they are able to pick up choreography. This helps in many aspects of life and helps us to train strong, confident competition dancers.



This class focuses on expressive movement and using your emotion through dance. In contemporary class we work on our leaps, turns and lines as well as our quality of movement. We learn a new, short routine every week to work on feeling the music as well as memory and understanding.


Similar to contemporary, lyrical class is another class focusing on feeling the music but is a softer class. We separate lyrical and contemporary until our children are 12 but all of our seniors still compete in lyrical as well as contemporary. Ballet technique is very important in lyrical work so we recommend our dancers train in ballet alongside lyrical and/or contemporary.


Hiphop is undoubtedly a pupil favourite here at The McKillen School of Dance. Don't forget your trainers for this class as you groove to high energy music, learning a new, short routine every week.


Musical Theatre

This class works on singing and dancing together. Learning songs from popular films and musicals our dancers compete at music and dance festivals all over the country as soloists.

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