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At TMSOD we take pride in an open door policy, communication is key and we like to make sure all parents and guardians are fully informed at all times.  


Enrolling in Classes

To enrol simply follow our Class for Kids link below, fill out all relevant information and sign up to classes! It really is as easy as that.


Payment Plans

At TMSOD we believe classes should be affordable for parents and dancers should be able to do as much dancing in the week!


Our fees are due monthly, based on our subscription plans.


1 class per week, per month  - £40

2 classes per week, per month - £55

3 Classes per week, per month - £65

Unlimited classes - £95 per month


*saturday classes are slightly less per month 

*this does not include sibling discount


Taking part in extras

We love to see our pupils doing extra performances and taking part in associate programmes. We support our pupils if they to partake in any and all associate programmes - we only ask that pupils do not attend other dance schools or classes that compromise their commitments and dedication to TMSOD.

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